31 mai 2013

tie dye

Hey guys,the sun decided to come out today, it was the perfect day to do a fun tie dye.This mani is screaming summer,it's pink,yellow & orange,which will make sure that your nails will get noticed,it looks like flames are all over my nails,excuse my wild imagination, just look down below,maybe you'll get the picture

 SSo I firsted started by painting my nails white to make the colors pop,then,on a plastic wrap I putted a few drops from orange,pink & yellow flormar polishes & I pressed it onto my nails

See how awesome it looks? 

Hope you enjoyed this mani & I See you guys next time with a new post,<3

21 mai 2013

Beige distinction


Hello everyone,today I'm going to show you one of my favorite nail polishes of all the time,it's Bourjois "Beige distinction".
 beige distincion is the perfect shade of nude for you if you have a skin tone like mine.
The color is a mix between soft pink & beige,it's really chic, soft & feminine.
I used only one coat for the photos above & no top coat since it's pretty shiny on its own,it dries pretty fast.
Another thing that I love about this collection is their wide brush which makes the application very easy.

This is how it looks on artificial light

For the accent nail I've painted glittler chevrons with a striper on my ring finger

Thank you for reading,See you next time
bye :)

12 mai 2013


I've always wanted to create a blog where I can share my love for nail polishes with the world but I've always found excuses to not make it just because I'm so lazy.But I decided that today was the perfect day to create it since I had nothing to do

I will write about nail polish (obviously ),I'll do swatches & post my personal nail art deisgns.Also if you're reading this you must know that I LOVE to swap,so if you want to swap just let me know.

Oh & I speak french & English so if you want me to post in french too just comment down below

Hope you guys enjoy reading my blog,I will start to post here asap :)

stay tuned,Elle <3